Gail and Martin – Betchworth, Surrey

I’ve known Gail for a number of years, being her hairdresser ever since I moved to the UK.  This wedding was quite special to me, as I’ve gotten to know her pretty well through the years.  She truly is a tiny lady with a big heart! It was such a pleasure helping her with her hair and make-up on her wedding, and she looked like a dream in her Pronovias dress. They got married in a beautiful manor in Surrey.  She wanted a fresh and pretty look, and her hair was set in soft knots, with a few curls to frame her face.

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Photographer:  Anneli Marinovich

Venue:  Hartsfield Manor

Dress: Pronovias

Our own wedding featured on Rock n Roll Bride!!

I was beyond excited when Kat, creator of asked if she could feature our wedding on her site.  My story with Kat is a precious one, and I’m eternally grateful for what she has done for my business.  It was mainly because of her that I started to focus more on weddings in the first place!  And also, because of her, I have had the most awesome brides (don’t ya think?)

I started to follow Rock n Roll Bride shortly after my own engagement about two years ago.  (I think I’ve literally Googled ‘alternative wedding ideas’ or something along those lines!)  I started to follow her on twitter, soaking up on all the pink-haired goodness, and she started following me too, after featuring some of the Wonderland project that I’ve been working on with Kirsty Mitchell. (Click here, here, and here to see the posts.)  We started talking, organised a shoot, and BAM!  An instant friendship was born.

So in short, it’s been quite a journey, and I’m privileged to have our wedding blogged on her fabulous site.  (Oh, and it IS relevant, as I’ve done my own hair and make-up!)

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Photography: RVDS

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Anna + Bean, Northumberland

Another ‘twitter bride’, Anna invited me over to have a chat about a collaboration for her blog.  That conversation quickly shifted when we started comparing notes about both of our upcoming nuptials, and saw that there were going to be many similarities!  Needless to say, the blog interview has been put aside when we realised there were more important things to discuss.

Their wedding has been a challenge to get to because of heavy, heavy snow but I managed to get there in one piece!  Anna and Bean invited me to stay for the wedding itself (after all, it would’ve been dangerous to leave at that stage!) and I felt incredibly lucky to have shared their very special authentic, eclectic day.  This lady has gotten impeccable taste (just check out her blog posts) and she’s an Agony Aunt on Rock n Roll Bride,  so I knew that this was going to be one classy affair!

As a girl who never wears much make-up, we ended up with a fresh-looking, radiant, pretty look, with nothing too fussy about it.  Her hair was put up in glamorous big pincurls to go with that fantastic dress. I’ve done the bridesmaids’ hair in loose relaxed curls and upstyles, according to their preferences. Later on I added the most amazing lashes from Paperself on Anna for drama.

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Photographer:  Emma Case

Dress: Nikki J

Earrings: J. Crew

Bridesmaids dresses:  twobirds bridesmaid

Flowers: I Heart Flowers