7 ways to care for blonde hair

blondeToffee, honey, caramel, strawberry, peach, wheat, champagne – No, I’m not listing ingredients for a cocktail, these are just some of the delectable shades you could achieve in blonde!

So whether your colour muse is Gwen, Jennifer (Aniston, Lopez OR Lawrence), Cara, Taylor or Rosie, these tips will keep your blonde tresses looking glossier for longer.


1. Silver shampoo silver shampoo

Over time, your colour might go a bit brassy.  A silver shampoo will act as an instant pick me up, gently toning down the yellowness. You see, purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the brassy tones down.  I sometimes even suggest this to my golden haired clients to use before their next appointment, just to brighten up the colour a bit more.  My favourites are by L’Oreal Professional, Bleach London, and Schwarzkopf.

2.  Low heat

As you might well know, your hair could be a bit more fragile after a lightening treatment. Limit hair breakage by using your hairdryer on a lower setting, avoid overusing heated tools. And ALWAYS use heat protection!

3.  Treatment

I’ve already written a post about how to look after sensitised hair here, where you could read more about my product recommendations.  A few extra minutes of doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week could keep your hair stronger, healthier, and glossier.

4.  Dry shampoo

Little cans of wonder.. Batiste is my tried and tested brand, and a little goes a long way! You don’t want to be shampooing your hair too often.  The more you wash, the more you remove the necessary natural oils your hair needs to be healthy, and by overstimulating the scalp you end up creating more oil, with the result being you having to wash your hair more often.  It’s a vicious cycle!


5.  Colour Gloss

This has two uses – to get rid of unwanted brassiness, and add a beautiful shine to your hair.  Your colourist might be doing this at your regular appointments already (toning your hair) but to prolong the life of your colour, you might want to opt for a gloss inbetween visits.  It’s not as harsh as other colour services, and a lot of glosses have got conditioning benefits too!

6.  Add dimension with lowlights

After years of doing a full head of highlights, does your colour appear a bit flat?  By adding a second colour to the mix (this could be close to your natural base, or even just a different shade of blonde) you’ll fool the eye into thinking that your hair is much thicker, and your blonde will appear brighter, as there’s more depth in the colour.  Having one of the darker tones close to that of your natural colour will allow for a much gentler regrowth, too!

7.  Balayage

Not sure you when you could make your next appointment?  Enter the BALAYAGE. Balayage is French for sweeping, and in recent years a lot of our brunette sisters have been using this technique to subtly brighten their ends of the hair by freehand painting.  So by darkening the base of your hair, sweeping the colour into the blonde ends, you’ll create a similar effect, leaving you with a new look, and much less maintenance! (But please – do not try this at home!!) This will also add much more movement and depth, similar to lowlights.

I really hope that you managed to get a few tips out of this, and would love to know what YOU do to keep your blonde looking gorgeous!


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